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Department Of Education Reverses Course On Disability-Related Complaints

In case you weren't aware, back in the Summer of 2018 a decision came down from the Department of Education that allowed the Civil Rights department to dismiss certain complaints that were deemed serial or repetitive by the same person or organization. This drew immediate red flags by many and quickly became a matter for the courts.

You can read more about the initial decision and reaction from this article by the NY Times. What happened in the immediate aftermath of that decision by the Department and Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos was outrage and litigation. She was sued by the NAACP and other advocates.

Then in late November 2018, with pressure of the suits mounting, the Department of Education rescinded their decision. You can read more about this development from Disability Scoop.

This is welcome news for many disability advocates that feel many of the progress made in the recent decades are beginning to be stripped back.

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