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Dry Ditch Show Pigs – A Portals Spotlight On Self-Employment

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Picture of Brent Goodman with his dog by his side.

All across Indiana, there are amazing people running businesses that you would have never thought of. Down in Southern Indiana, one such business owner, Brent Goodman, breeds purebred hogs. Dry Ditch Show Pigs focuses mainly on Hereford hogs, but also works with Duroc, Poland, and Tamworth breeds.

Brent started the business in 2012, just 3 years after an accident left him with quadriplegia. He had been looking for something to do. He thought of how his son showed Hereford hogs at the local 4H fair, and remembered the great interest people had in this breed. Brent thought this was something he could manage and the business idea was born. For Brent, “Self-motivation and self-worth are the best feelings in the world. If you can motivate yourself, you have a better feeling than if someone pushed you the whole time.” You can find pictures of his hogs on Facebook and you’ll find Brent attending all of the local shows in Southern Indiana.

Logo for Dry Ditch Show Pigs

When asked about his experience with the self-employment program at Vocational Rehabilitation, Brent says, “Ask for help and make sure to ask for Portals early in the process. Other than staying around to cook my dinner, I don’t know how Portals could have done better.”

If you are inspired by the idea of starting your own business, or maybe you’re a counselor that has a candidate you believe is a good fit for self-employment, please contact us. We would love to help, and are passionate about getting people the assistance they need to be more independent.

To download a hard copy of Brent's spotlight, click HERE.

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