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Getting Creative With Portals This Rocktober!

As we were thinking about what to send to all of our friends across the state of Indiana for the month of October, we knew it had to tie-in with Halloween.  The obvious choice was to send candy. We scratched that. Every office was bound to have candy available in the break room. And we know some of you have leftover candy that you will probably sneak in from your children's treat bags...don't worry, we won't say anything.  Our next idea was to send mini pumpkins to decorate with paints and markers. We did like this idea, but mailing mini pumpkins could be a messy situation. As we sat there thinking, someone had the brilliant idea of ROCKTOBER! We mail the finest of rocks that coould be bought from the hobby store, a set of markers with which to color the rocks, and then ask them to share their creations on Facebook!


So here we are, showcasing some of our creations. If you happen to stumble onto this blog by happenstance, our instructions are below for you to use. Take in some rocks, a set of fine permanent markers from the local dollar store, and you have a festive craft that won't take too long and can work with any holiday. This would be a great craft for Halloween parties at school! Be creative and remember, the shape of the rock could help lend an idea just as it did with our candy corn rock.

If you want to throw an extra bit of fun into the exercise, add your location information to the back of the rock and leave it laying around in a park or public space. There are many clubs around the world that are dedicated to finding and showcasing where the rocks have been found. They might even take your rock to another location to be found all over again!  Thank you to everyone at Vocational Rehabilitation working so hard to better the lives of so many!


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