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Miller Wood Products - A Portals Spotlight On Self-Employment

Picture of Chris Miller in front of one of his wood cutting machines.

Chris Miller started the business of supplying wood back in 2015. He began by supplying firewood to the local market near Rochester, Indiana. Seeing the potential to do more with his business, he contacted Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) of Indiana to see what they could provide to help make his dream a reality. In order to start offering different services, and be able to handle larger jobs, Chris would need specialized equipment. The kind of equipment most people don’t have the capital to purchase easily. With VR’s assistance, Miller Wood Products was able to get the equipment to help make Chris’ work easier and faster, allowing him to take on more jobs and be more self sufficient.

Along with still offering traditional firewood, Chris is cutting beautiful wood slabs that can be utilized for tables, benches, bar counters, decorative coat racks, and anything else you can imagine. If you have a special wood project, visit the Facebook page to see what is currently available.

Vocational Rehabilitation hired Portals LLC to assist Chris during the self-employment program. When talking about his relationship with Portals Chris says it was, “Good, great, I loved it! Don’t get frustrated, Portals is always there to help.”

If you are inspired by the idea of starting your own business, or maybe you’re a counselor that has a candidate you believe is a good fit for self-employment, please contact us. We would love to help, and are passionate about getting people the assistance they need to be more independent.

To download a hard copy of Chris' spotlight, click HERE.

Visit the business Facebook page to see what Chris is up to!


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