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Relentless Powersports - A Portals Spotlight

Cameron and his brother Casey standing in front of a custom modified golf cart.
(L to R) Casey Baker and Cameron Baker

For Cameron and his brother Casey, selling recreational vehicles was just a thing they did on the side. Their story begins on the farm where they both grew up working for their father, Tracy. After a few years of selling recreational vehicles out of the garage, the idea of taking this hobby and making it a true business started to form.

From there, Cameron heard from a family member that Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) might be able to assist them in getting the business started. He contacted the local office out of Marion, Indiana and began the Self Employment program. Cameron said he wanted a business that, “Facilitated a recreational need of service and sales to the end consumer, buying, selling, and trading vehicles.” And since 2014, the Baker brothers have been doing just that. Even expanding their offerings to include outdoor storage sheds and hunting blinds. 

The assistance from VR initially helped to get Relentless Powersports some much needed equipment. For example, the equipment trailer allowed Cameron to start making larger purchases from people throughout the Midwest and the means to transport those purchases back.


When asked about his relationship with Portals, Cameron said, “We always got answers, every time we called, someone answered. Once Portals got involved in the process, it was a great experience. The simplicity of having access to a company with (small business) knowledge was a great benefit at the start.”

If you or someone you know is in the recreational vehicle market, make sure to tell them about the Baker Brothers at Relentless Powersports. You can find them on Facebook by searching Relentless Powersports LLC. 

Cameron is just one of the many successful stories we have to share at Portals. If you are inspired by the idea of starting your own business or are a counselor that has a candidate you believe could be a small business owner, please contact us. We would love to help, and are passionate about getting people the assistance they need to be more independent. 

UPDATE: In the fall of 2019, the brother's closed Relentless Powersports to pursue a new venture. The business ran successfully from 2014-2019.

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