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Ten Businesses You Can Start For $100 Or Less

Ten Businesses You Can Start for $100 or Less

Starting a business is not always as difficult as most people think. In this digital age, entrepreneurs have more access to business opportunities, may it be traditional or online. Gone were the days when a hefty sum is needed to establish a business of your own. For as long as you have determination and grit, you can build a business from the ground up.

If you’re a businessman who failed before, don’t give up just yet. There are various ways to start over without shedding a fortune. Read on and discover 10 businesses that you can start for only $100 or less.

1. Independent dealer for direct sales companies

Do you have sales experience? Do you find it easy to talk to people?  Most product-based companies, especially those in the beauty industry like MaryKay and Avon, offer trainings, starter kits and start-up dealership opportunities that range from $80 to $100. This opportunity is perfect for on-the-go, sales-oriented entrepreneurs. This type of business also tends to work out well for individuals whom have robust networks of friends on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to help market their new business.

2. Freelancing

Freelancing is a booming business. With the right skills, you can set yourself up as a freelancer, create an account in numerous online platforms and apply for various roles for free! You will only need $100 or less for your internet subscription. As long as you have space in your home for a computer and a small desk, you’re good to go. There’s an opportunity to grow the business further by building a website online and offering courses or e-books on how to be successful as a freelancer. Two of the top sites for freelancing are UpWork and Fiverr.

3. Consultancy

Looking for work you can do on the side? If so, then this is for you. Setting up a consultation agency is a great business choice for people who are experts in their respective fields. Build your presence online and save up on advertisement fees - you can promote your business online through social media or by word of mouth. You can even start with a free website through various providers such as

4. Babysitting

Have you seen online posts of students on the lookout for babysitting jobs? Or parents who constantly worry who will look after their children while they’re at work? You can take advantage of this need and curate a website that will cater both to babysitters looking for part-time jobs and parents looking for babysitters. This is also something you can advertise easily to friends and family.

5. Tutorial Services

Are you good at playing an instrument? Do you excel in a particular academic field?  Make use of your skills and offer tutorial services to people who are in need of a mentor. Offer dancing, photography, and painting lessons if those are your strengths. Begin by identifying your skills and your target audience, and you will see that the business opportunities are endless.

6. Blogging/Vlogging

They are known today as trendsetters and media influencers. The blogging business profits from the advertisements posted on their blogs. They get lucrative offers from different companies who want to advertise massively on the internet. Hence, if you are considering this kind of business, the number of your followers matter.

There are several ways to grow your follower base. While you can manually add and follow people within your audience profile, organic growth is guaranteed when you create great and relevant content that go beyond quotes and OOTDs (outfit of the day). What content will make a difference? Only when netizens relate will they willingly share your posts and follow you voluntarily!

On the other hand, you can also invest in online advertising. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram allow you to shell out a few bucks from $5 to $30 so your posts intentionally appear on your target audience’s feed. You can also buy followers through an app on Instagram. The price differs depending on the number of followers you want to acquire. There is a debate to whether the practice of buying followers is kosher, but the higher number of followers also signifies to some a legitimacy to what you have to say.

7. Repair shop

Skilled in mechanical works, machineries and other technical skills? Profit from these and turn them into a business opportunity. Open a handyman shop and offer your services to the community!

Identify your expertise and create a list of things (gadgets, machineries, appliances etc.) and services you are extremely good at. Once you’ve identified your edge over your competitors, advertise your strengths. Print out flyers and distribute them in the neighborhood. Make a post about your services on Craigslist. Offer discounts to repeat customers and encourage referrals. More importantly, ensure quality service so your repair shop stays top-of-mind.

You can also create a website to advertise your business. To save on overhead costs, an ideal place to start your operation is at home. Designate a spot in your house that is spacious enough to accommodate the work you plan to do.

8. Leasing

If you have an extra room or space at home and you are situated in a prime location for tourists, travelers and backpackers, make use of that space and get extra money out of it. Rent it out and promote it via Airbnband other similar sites like and Traveloka. These are apps used by travelers who are on the lookout for more affordable options, rarely settling for expensive hotels.

Aside from leasing your place, you can invite other homeowners in your area to do the same. You can work as their ‘agent’ and transact with customers on their behalf. Work out an agreement that gives you a reasonable percentage out of the rental fees.

9. Personal Nutritionist and Fitness Programming Business

There is a growing awareness on the importance of eating healthy. Choosing the right diet can get tricky and people need help in this aspect. If your expertise is in a medical or health-related field, this is a great business opportunity for you.

You can start with offering meal plans then eventually venture into making the meals yourself and including them in the packages you offer. There are also some nutritionists who go beyond their normal duty, up to the extent of visiting their clients’ homes to “clean up” the pantry and refrigerators, and do the grocery to replenish the stash only with products that fit the diet plan. Of course, these extra services come with additional charges.

10. Social Media Marketing Firm

Some companies today look for marketers to promote their business online. Do the hiring and appraisal of talents for them. Hire online marketers to do the job and act as the single point of contact between talent and employer.

Expand this business into other virtual job options like offering virtual assistants, editors, proofreaders, and website developers. You will need to invest in developing your own skills related to these job categories to ensure that the polished and final output will meet your standards and more importantly, your client's requirements and expectations.

Portals LLC specializes in helping those with a disability navigate self-employment and starting their business. If you have been thinking about starting your own business and reside in the state of Indiana, contact us and we would be glad to speak with you!

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