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Tips on Social Jobs for Outgoing Seniors

By Sharon Wagner

Retirement is obviously a wonderful season of life. However, as many seniors know, there are a lot of reasons that an older person may find themselves still needing or wanting to work. Among the many reasons a senior might be looking to dip their toes back into the laboring world could be a desire to have more opportunities for contact with a variety of people. Social seniors who enjoy being around others often find that jobs working with the public to give them a sense of purpose, provide opportunities to make new friends, and help combat social isolation. So, which fun, social jobs should an older adult look for after retirement?

Acquaint Yourself with Senior Job Search Resources

In addition to common resources like and LinkedIn, the AARP lists a number of resources that are useful for anyone in the senior bracket. There are even online job search engines that specifically compile a variety of jobs aimed at the 50-plus crowd, such as If you're looking for retail work or something local, you can often simply inquire about their hiring process and pick up an application.

Consider Jobs Working with Children

Schools and daycares are always in need of workers and often have ways to allow you to work only part-time. You also might consider looking for jobs as a crossing guard, as a teaching aid, as a tutor, or even as a nanny. In addition to paid opportunities that might be available, you can inquire with local schools about any volunteer opportunities they might have. Just make sure if you're working with kids to keep current on your check-ups, which are especially important for seniors and any adults who have contact with lots of children.

Find a Job Using Your Sales Background

If you’ve worked in sales before, selling insurance could be ideal for part-time work. Working in the insurance industry offers schedule flexibility, along with an opportunity to grow your income. Before looking for work in this sector, it’s best that you research the best companies to work for. Look at websites like Indeed to find employee reviews of insurance companies like Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance.

Turn a Hobby Into a Part-Time Job

Do you love to read? Then a part-time job at a bookstore might be perfect for you. Are you an expert in fly fishing? Why not look for opportunities to share your wisdom and teach others? No matter what you enjoy, there are ways to find a part-time job related to it. Better yet, start your own business using what you already know as the foundation. Even if you have mobility limitations, there are services available that can make your dream of self-employment come true. Open an online shop. Write ebooks. The possibilities are only limited by your willingness to make it happen.

Why Not Volunteer?

A recent study revealed that volunteering can help keep seniors healthy for longer because it helps reduce depression and feelings of loneliness. If a need for money isn't a significant motivator for employment, why not consider volunteering instead? The Senior Corps is a national service organization that can help connect seniors to dedicated volunteer opportunities but it's also easy to find volunteer opportunities all over one's local community. Whether you work with animals at a shelter or help feed the homeless, there are plenty of ways to get out and be social while doing a lot of good, as well.

No matter which path you choose, a public-facing job can help seniors make the kind of social connections that are necessary for living a healthy life in advanced age. For a retirement full of friendly and fulfilling connections, seniors should consider a job working with others!

About the Author:

As a senior herself, Ms. Wagner understands that an older body and mind impacts the daily life of many seniors. However, her site offers plenty of senior-friendly tips, tricks, and products to keep seniors active and engaged as they age.

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