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Media Services Unlimited - A Portals Spotlight On Self-Employment

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Mindy Thomas is a testament to what a person can do. She did not let her disability limit the goals she had for herself. Mindy graduated from Ball State University, continued her studies obtaining a Social Media Marketing Certificate, and started her own marketing company–Media Services Unlimited.

Mindy has always had a strong work ethic, “I have always felt like people with or without disabilities should work and I have tried my best to do just that.” After graduating from Ball State University, Mindy held various marketing positions but none of them stuck long-term, which is indicative of the market and trends among companies. So she decided to start her own company to match what small businesses in the region were looking for. Those small businesses and not-for-profits were looking for contracted help and not able to hire full-time.

Media Services Unlimited is able to handle many of their marketing needs from social media management and website design to creative writing and print marketing needs. Hiring Media Services Unlimited is like having your own personal marketer on staff without all of the hassle.

We at Portals see Mindy as a shining example for others. When asked about working with Portals, Mindy said it was, “Great, they have been really supportive.”

If you are inspired by the idea of starting your own business, or maybe you’re a counselor that has a candidate you believe is a good fit for self-employment, please contact us. We would love to help, and are passionate about getting people the assistance they need to be more independent.

To download a hard copy of Mindy's spotlight, click HERE.

Visit the business Facebook page to see what Mindy is up to!

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